"You have to confess... no matter what blessing these intestines bestow, they look pretty damn gross when worn as a bracelet."

The Intestinal Phylactery is an item in Planescape: Torment. It can be used as a healing item and/or worn as a bracelet. Its use is restricted to living creatures.


Invoked effect (can be used three times – after its use, the phylactery remains in the user's inventory and can still be equipped):

  • Fully heals a chosen target

Equipped effect:

  • +9 to base HP
  • +2 to AC


The Intestinal Phylactery can be obtained in the Black-Barbed Maze. The Nameless One must ask Ravel Puzzlewell about one of the fragments of her personality – Marta – and then allow Ravel to cut him open.

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