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Ignus NPC
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Faction None
Class Mage
Level 6+
Health Max +4 each level. Starts at ? HP
Location Smoldering Corpse Bar
Coordinates X=1250 Y=1100
Voiced by Charles Adler
See List of Characters and Wikipedia:List of characters in Planescape: Torment#Ignus
There is a burning man hovering in the air over a grille in the Smoldering Corpse Bar. His skin bubbles and chars, and flames pour from his tormented eyes, yet his expression is far away, almost as if he were reveling in the flames.

A pyromaniacal mage, Ignus is a chaotic neutral character that can be recruited to The Nameless One's party.

History Edit

As related by Reekwind and others, Ignus once attempted to burn down the Hive, and was only stopped by a collaboration of many local magic users, from minor hedge wizards to mighty sorcerers. Furious at his mad killing spree, they converted him into a living conduit to the Elemental Plane of Fire as an ironic punishment. Such treatment would have instantly incinerated a normal mortal, but Ignus survived and thrived in his fiery condition. Stuck in a semi-coma and reveling in the never-ending flames coursing over his body, he was eventually made into a mascot for the Smoldering Corpse Bar.

Dialogues with Ignus reveal that his original mentor of the magical arts was one of The Nameless One's previous incarnations, allegedly "one of the last great sorcerers." This incarnation was a brutal teacher who believed that suffering is a necessity for learning, and subjected the young Ignus to many torments in order to teach him to master fire. Though he seems to harbor some grudge towards the Nameless One for the pain he inflicted, Ignus still views the immortal as his master in some way. and can be persuaded to teach the Nameless One some of his fire spells . Ignus retains his old master's policy of suffering to learn, however: each teaching requires that Ignus burn part of The Nameless One's body. While The Nameless One will quickly regenerate these body parts, Ignus's power is such that this burning results in permanent hit point loss and added resistance to fire; TNO notes with some dismay that the resulting scarring does not heal as well as that incurred by other burns.

Recruiting Ignus Edit

In order to free Ignus, The Nameless One must retrieve the Decanter of Endless Water from the Drowned Nations, then learn of the word to empower it from Glyve, the spirit possessing the stone face in the Catacombs, and finally learn the word from Nemelle in the Clerk's Ward. Using it on Ignus will free him and recruit him into the party.

Should the party speak to his lover Drusilla with Ignus nearby in the party, she will then embrace Ignus and become consumed by his flames. Keeping Ignus away from her, she will speak as though he had not been released.

All companions except Ignus, Vhailor and Nordom have a morale rating, and they will leave the party if it gets too low.

After recruiting Ignus, a new tattoo will be available for purchase at Fell's Tattoo Parlor: Tattoo of Ignus.

Stats Edit

Initial 28/42 5 18 13 16 20 19 8 3

Ignus is one of two companions whose default attack can be made from a distance, the other being Nordom.

Near the very end of the game, if the player has acted mostly lawful and/or good throughout the story, The Nameless One will have to battle Ignus in the Fortress of Regrets.

Equipment and Resistances Edit

As the little flesh he has remaining is molten, Ignus is unable to equip or wear any kind of armor or tattoos, making him very vulnerable to brute and raw physical damage. However, his magic spells and attacks are unmatched and he has the unusually high constitution score of 18, allowing him to regenerate lost health, albeit at a slow rate. This is to be expected of a being that could survive his ordeals; naturally, Ignus is also immune to fire attacks and spells.

Animation and voice files Edit

In addition to unique fighting moves, each character has their own running animation, 'breathing' animation, and intermittent 'fidget' animation.

All characters have at least one 'selection' response, and at least one 'command confirmation' response. Most have a 'miss' comment, and a 'critical hit' comment. They have an appeal when they are at very low HP, less than 15%, and when they die. And they all have a 'level up' comment.

After a period of no activity by the player with mouse or keyboard, characters will randomly speak 'bored' pronouncements. They will occasionally speak dialogue expressing their mood or sentiments, particularly in relation to other companions, or a particular location. And they will engage in conversations with certain of their fellow party members.[1]

  • 'Fidget' animation: Ignus whirls in the air, his arms rising up
  • 'Bored' pronouncement: "Ignus will one day kill you."
  • Selection: ""What do you wish of Ignus?", "Ignus will one day kill you.", "Ignus wishes to burrnn.", "The flames await."", "What is thy bidding?".
  • Command: "Yessss.", "Burn.", "Yes, my master."
  • Critical Miss: "Kriiik.". Critical Hit: "Flame."
  • Appeal: "The fires grow dim. Soon I shall perish." Death: -cries out
  • Level Up: "The flames grow within me."
  • Moody: Location: The Hive in the daytime: "Ignus burns people." The Hive at night: "Too dark. Flame shall light the way." Ravel's Maze: "Plenty to burn here."
  • Interactive dialogue: none

As a spell caster, Ignus has a spellcasting voice file: "Unleash hell!" (a little hard to hear, so who knows, another site has it as Raikashanen!, but there are zero Google hits for that)

Characters also have 'Inventory full', 'Encumbered, cannot run', 'Encumbered, cannot move', 'Bash success', 'Bash fail', 'Target immune to weapon', a comment when they leave the party, a statement when approached again after they have been removed from the party, and a greeting when they rejoin the party[1]

Ignus has a file that activates if the player attempts to remove his ranged 'flames' weapon: "Ignus will not part with it."

All characters have files for when the player repeatedly selects them (such as hitting the number keys over and over): "Where fire once fed, I may send it to feed again.", "You are all tallow for my flames.", "I shall bless the flames with my touch."

There are many files that were created for the game and never used, files that are in the game engine and were never used, and files that were not implemented at release but have been restored by patches.

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References Edit

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