Howl of Pandemonium is a 6th Level Mage Spell that stuns, confuses, and incapacitates enemies within its blast radius.

"The Madness from the Howling Land – Pandemonium's Noise screams forth and bathes everyone in its cacophony."

Effects Edit

The Winds of Pandemonium shoot forth from the caster's body to stun any enemies on screen. The spell can also nullify all sound-based attacks and deflect normal missile weapons. Creatures of 2HD or less who fail a saving throw vs. spell are incapacitated for 10 – 60 minutes. Those creatures with greater than 2HD but less than the caster's who fail their saving throw become confused (as if a Confusion spell were cast on them).

Acquisition Edit

Scroll of Howl of Pandemonium was supposed to teach characters this spell. However it was removed from the game prior to release, making it impossible to learn this spell.

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