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Hidden Enemy is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera involving finding a rogue stichus in prowling Cliff's Edge and terrorizing its inhabitants.

Acquisition Edit

Lord Vungten can be found speaking to the people in Cliff's Edge about a rogue stichus. He invites the Last Castoff to capture it for him, saving his people.

Walkthrough Edit

The rogue stichus can be found hiding at the back of an alley in the southeastern portion of Cliff's Edge. On the way there, there are three children in the street, who, when asked, speak of Mittens the Monster, who is apparently their friend, but the older brother Zebb doesn't want to speak about.

Without remembering the sticha language from the stichus in the Underbelly, the conversation with this apparently deformed and weak stichus isn't very easy, but it manages to make itself understood. After attempting to converse with this stichus enough, there is an option to remember the language here also. This rewards 3 XP. There are several options on how to resolve this quest, shown below.

Getting rid of the stichus Edit

Option 1

Killing the stichus requires no effort whatsoever due to the creature's weakness. Erritis in particular objects to the non-heroicness of the act, and the nearby children that have been protecting and feeding the creature are very angry. Lord Vungten is not particularly pleased with this outcome either, since he wishes for his people to be frightened so that he can rally them behind him.

Option 2

Otherwise, the stichus can be left alone and simply telling Lord Vungten it's whereabouts grants the same reward, should the Last Castoff accept it. The mob of course goes and murders the creature.

(Also, if the stichus is killed, you can no longer pay Avina to play, losing you the small bonus her playing offers)


Both of these options reward the same thing:

  • 40 XP

Lord Vungten's favor

  • Second Skin (the reward must not be rejected to acquire this)

Note: Ch'kekt in the Underbelly offers another reward for killing the outcast, if the Last Castoff fails to persuade to help it. In the beta, the reward is absent, although Ch'kekt acts like he gives an item.

Helping the stichus Edit

Once the Last Castoff has remembered how to speak and understand the mixture of gestures, clicks and pheromones that is the sticha language, they can have a productive conversation. The stichus was born deformed, with underdeveloped claws and a soft carapace. Unable to tunnel and feed itself, it was exiled to the surface by its family and abandoned. The nearby children, Zebb, Nym and Aven have been feeding and hiding it. It also says that Lord Vungten found it in a tunnel and brought it to Cliff's Edge himself.

If the Last Castoff leaves without harming the stichus, Zebb then intercepts them, worried about the consequences should this secret be revealed. He implores the Last Castoff to help the stichus find a way to escape.

One way is to go to the Underbelly and convince Ch'kekt to dig a tunnel to rescue his kin. This is a difficult intellect task aided by the Persuasion skill. If the task is failed, Ch'kekt will offer a reward for killing the other stichus (see above).

Another way is to get the Master Foreman to create an automaton out of the body of a dead stichus in the collapsed tunnel to the southeast of the Underbelly, and use it to rescue the outcast.

Once the stichus is free return to Zebb and he'll reward you with a Charmpaste Cypher.