"A single teardrop of the wielder's blood, applied at the border where the axe meets the handle, is sufficient to awaken "Heartgrinder". Once applied, the drop of blood freckles across the blade and handle, giving it a dull red radiance. The glow from Heartgrinder pulses, matching the heartbeat of its wielder.
No matter what the target, Heartgrinder is a powerful weapon, capable of tearing through nearly any defenses. Against targets with blood running in their veins (whether their own or another's -- vampires beware), Heartgrinder inflicts additional damage, as every stroke also smashes the target's heart, no matter what location the axe struck."

Stats Edit

Equippable only by Fighters, Heartgrinder's properties are:

  • Damage: 3-10 Slashing
  • Enchanted: +3
  • Special: 1-6 Electrical Damage
  • THAC0: +2
  • Speed: 6
  • Weight: 4

Acquisition Edit

Heartgrinder can be acquired by freeing the demon Agril-Shanak in Outer Curst's Grain Silo in exchange for his axe or by killing him and looting it from his corpse.

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