Hamrys is a coffin-maker in the Lower Ward of Sigil. He is incredibly talkative, and will gladly answer any questions the Nameless One has.

It is worth noting that in order for all possible dialogue options with Hamrys to be available, it is necessary to have first spoken to Sere in the Gathering Dust Bar. She informs the Nameless One that Hamrys has been different since the recent loss of his father.

Quest involvementEdit

The DreambuilderEdit

A coffin pillow must be acquired in order to complete the Dreambuilder. Hamrys can be asked for one, but he will need to be threatened before he will help. He doesn't have a pillow on hand, but suggests that one can be obtained from the warehouse where his goods are stored – the Vault of the Ninth World.

After retrieving the pillow, Hamrys should be returned to (2,000 XP). He is glad to have helped the Nameless One and allows him to keep the pillow for free.

Tomb plansEdit

Hamrys should be asked about the Nameless One's journal. The Nameless One can recall a memory (500 XP) after asking about Hamrys' father, who had worked on plans for a secret tomb within the Drowned Nations before he died.

The plans are being kept in the Vault of the Ninth World. After talking about the tomb with Hamrys, go there and retrieve them. Return to Hamrys and speak to him again (2,000 XP).

BUG: Hamrys can be told the plans were retrieved numerous times; each time grants 2,000 XP. This seems to stop after the coffin pillow has been taken from the Vault of the Ninth World. (Fixed in Quinn's Fixpack.)


  • Chaotic: telling Hamrys that the Nameless One's name is Adahn.

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