Grosuk is an abishai in the Lower Ward. He entered into a contract with Sebastion, who informed him he could not deliver. Not content with that state of affairs, the abishai threatened Sebastion with death if he did not fulfill his end of the deal.

Quest Edit

Grosuk can be killed on behalf of Sebastion. As all other abishais, Grosuk can only be harmed with enchanted weapons or magic. Doing so rewards, from Sebastion:

Alternatively, Grosuk can be told that Sebastion intends to have him killed. The abishai then immediately goes to kill the mage. This path rewards:

The permanent +2 charisma cannot be had this way, though.

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Taunting Grosuk.
  • Evil: Telling Grosuk about Sebastion's plans to kill him.

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