Gris was one of Pharod's collectors. He died in the Crypt of the Embraced, in the Weeping Stone Catacombs. His body can be found in the big tomb.

Conversation Edit

Although very much dead, Gris can be spoken to after the Nameless One learns the Stories-Bones-Tell ability.

He isn't very happy to learn that he is dead, much less that he is still in the catacombs. He tells his story of coming down to the catacombs with Burt and Lowden, searching for valuables to sell up top. They were ambushed by ghouls and the other two left him behind.

He speaks of his stash he doesn't want the villagers to pick though in the Buried Village, near Ojo's house. His stash is, in fact, just south of Marta's house, and contains only Quint's Poison Charm that can be given to Quint for a reward.

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