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Government Square is the political center of Sagus Cliffs. The Council Tower hosts Council meetings.

Quests Edit

Experience Edit

  • 2 XP for listening to the creatures in the fountain.
  • 2 XP for examining the archway north of the Order of Truth.
  • 2 XP for repeatedly looking through the orbiting holes in space at the generator near the archway.
  • 2 XP for asking if Irathor Brenn can read thoughts (Requires Scan Thoughts skill)
  • 2 XP for successfully remembering how the Last Castoff knows Irathor Brenn. (Intellect task aided by the Anamnesis skill)
  • 2 XP for trading a secret with Iyene Who Knows (Cumulative)

Items Edit

Items can be found in this area:

  • Cyclonic Cube, from looking through the holes in space orbiting around the archway generator.
  • Jalley, from using Quick Fingers to snatch the creature/oddity from the fountain.

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