Glyve is a stone face in the walls of the Weeping Stone Catacombs. He was once the respected leader of a community, but chose to speak out against a petty lord of the Lower Ward that had fallen victim to greed. The unnamed mage punished Glyve, along with his people, by binding their spirits and senses to the stones within the catacombs. They were left cursed to weep Sigil's polluted waters.

Quest Edit

Glyve wishes to be free of his torment, and knows that only when fresh water passes through his lips will the curse be broken. He asks the Nameless One to bring him the Decanter of Endless Water and set him free, in exchange for which he will tell him who can unlock the flask's potential.

Chad knows the exact location of the decanter (a specific spot in the Drowned Nations), but he is dead... thankfully, TNO can learn to speak to corpses from Stale Mary in the Dead Nations.

After retrieving the decanter from the Drowned Nations, TNO can pour some of the fresh water over Glyve's lips, freeing his spirit from the stone. This rewards 5,000 XP, and Glyve speaks of a woman named Nemelle in the Clerk's Ward, who can unlock the power of the decanter.

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