Four Giant Skeletons in ornate bronze breatplates can be found at the center of the ground floor of the Mortuary in Sigil. They are bound by powerful enchantments.

Enchantments Edit

The enchantments holding these skeletons together can be deconstructed. With intelligence 16+, the Nameless One can figure this out on his own. If intelligence is lower, he can use the Tome of Bone and Ash carried by zombie #732.

The correct sequence is:

  • Examining them carefully;
  • Examining the armor;
  • Examine the symbols;
  • Mar the runes maintaining the warding first, then work backwards through the rune pattern.

Rewards Edit

Figuring out the enchantments alone grants TNO 500 XP. Once their enchantments are broken, each skeleton yields 800 XP and one of the following:

Alignment Edit

  • Good: Asking Morte if he'd like one of the skeletons for a body, then having TNO change his mind out of concern.

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