Fleece is a lost man in the Northwestern Area of the Hive. He is seeking the house of his Aunt Marguerite.

Pick Pockets Edit

Fleece is, in reality, a simple thief, praying on the gullible passers by. When his victims turn to leave, he pickpockets them.

The Nameless One can catch him in the act if:

Observing Fleece's technique grants rewards depending on the Nameless One's stats:

  • With 13 Intelligence but less than 13 Wisdom: 750 XP and +1 Pick Pockets skill
  • With 13 to 15 Wisdom: 1000 XP and +3 Pick Pockets skill
  • With 13+ Wisdom: 1250 XP and +5 Pick Pockets skill

After observing, the Nameless One has an opportunity to grab Fleece's hand as he attempts to steal again (requires 13 dexterity). Then, with 11+ charisma, he can be convinced to return the money. He gives 38 copper, which is more than what he stole.

Alignment Edit

  • Good: Saying "certainly"
  • Evil: Telling him TNO doesn't have time.
  • Good, Lawful: Telling him the Truth, that TNO doesn't know where she lives.
  • Evil, Chaotic: Lying, telling him TNO knows... for a price.
  • Chaotic: Telling him what he really meant was a local brothel.

When TNO catches him stealing:

  • Lawful: Giving him back the extra money. (No alignment change for keeping the money.)
  • Evil, Chaotic: Attacking him.

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