"This is a well-decayed and nearly meatless finger bone from a humanoid of roughly your size. There is still some sort of odd ring on the finger. It is an intricate thing, sculpted with dozens of tiny, ornate flanges and decorative protrusions. Oddly enough, it seems firmly rooted to the finger, and no amount of pulling or prying will budge the thing... almost as if the ring's jagged edges have dug into the lifeless finger itself and refuse to release it."

Uses Edit

Using this item from the inventory allows the Nameless One to replace his own finger with it in order to pry Mempa's Biting Ring off.

Acquisition Edit

Letting Marrow-Friend in Ragpicker's Square bite the Nameless One will prompt TNO to notice the finger hanging from his neck. Encouraging Marrow-Fiend to take another bite of TNO instead of the finger will reward the finger.

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