Finam the Linguist, or simply Finam, is a linguist residing in the Clerk's Ward. He is instrumental in helping the Nameless One learn the language of the Uyo, though he himself does not teach it. This is necessary if the Nameless One wishes to understand the dodecahedron journal collected from the Civic Festhall dormitories.


Within the Nameless One's old Festhall dormitory is a strange puzzle – the dodecahedron. It is booby-trapped, but can be opened without setting off any traps if the Nameless One has a high enough intelligence.

  • Int 9 or greater for the first four pages
  • Int 13 or greater for the next four pages
  • Int 16 or greater for the final four pages

The pages can still be read if the above intelligence requirements are not met, but every four pages a trap will be triggered. For each trap set off, the Nameless One will take 25 HP damage.

Once open (5,000 XP), it is apparent that the puzzle is a journal of sorts written in a strange language. Unfortunately, Finam does not know the language, which he says is the language of the Uyo. His father Fin knew the language, but was murdered by one of his students.

There are two ways the Nameless One can receive help from Finam:

  • Retrieve Finam's Book from the Brothel of Slaking Intellectual Lusts (first room on the left after entering). In return, Finam will give the Nameless One his father's notes on the Uyo language (25,000 XP).
  • Use the Stories-Bones-Tell ability on Fin's urn, which is in Finam's home. He will teach the Nameless One the language of the Uyo (8,000 XP). The Nameless One can also recall having murdered Fin (4,000 XP). It is possible to admit to Fin that you killed him, and apologize.

For the most XP, learn the Uyo language from Fin's ashes and then return Finam's book to him. Reading the journal (10,000 XP) will provide helpful information on Ravel Puzzlewell, a legacy to be claimed, and something hidden within the Nameless One's intestines (see Marta).


  • Good: apologizing to Fin for ending his life.

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