An exploit is an oversight that can benefit the player if taken advantage of.

This is a difficult concept to categorize with agreement from all players as it involves player choice; to most players, any deviation from the game not intended by developers is an exploit, but opinions as to the moral implications of this vary widely and are often conflated with definitions of what is a deviation from the intended game. The wiki should not judge – merely list.

Some bugs are commonly known as exploits, but this wiki defines bugs and exploits differently. Specifically, bugs are considered detrimental to the player. See Bugs for more information.

Unless noted otherwise, the exploits listed here are fixed with Qwinn's PS:T Ultimate WeiDu Fixpack.


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  • The Nameless One is immortal, so "dying" can be used as a form of fast-travel. This is used extensively in speed run challenges.
  • The Modron Cube can be used to quickly teleport the Nameless One anywhere throughout Sigil. Useful for players attempting a low game time challenge.


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  • The gangs in the Alley of Dangerous Angles will attack and kill each other. This saves the Nameless One from having to do so, which can be useful at low levels.
  • Companions can be recruited for the XP bonuses granted during conversation and then dropped from the party.
  • Companions can be left out of range to avoid negative consequences of their presence, usually ones that result in different dialogue. Removing them from the party alone is not enough – if they are in the vicinity, they will speak. Some instances where companions influence dialogue:
  • Yi'Minn's Soldiers will attack each other if not attacked, but this is less advantageous than other options.
  • A Lim-Lim can be turned to stone by Marissa in the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts, but only with a certain dialogue path (bug); the stoned creature can be traded to Giltspur for the password to the Anarchists' warehouse.


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XP bonuses Edit

  • After retrieving the tomb plans from the Lower Ward warehouse, Hamrys will give 2,000 XP every time he is spoken to; click on him, two lines of dialogue (with number keys), and repeat. Hamrys' dialogue ceases (and the quest is crossed out, contrary to some guides) once TNO gives the coffin pillow to its recipient for the Dream Machine quest.
  • When Ebb Creakknees is encountered in the Carceri warehouse, his dialogue can be repeated for 225,000 XP each time. He is on his way out as the party enters, so the game needs to be paused, TNO selected, Ebb Creakknees clicked on, and the camera left centered on the rest of the party (not locked – that can cause all kinds of problems). Hit 1, 2, 1, and 1, and click on another party member for a rapid exit after dialogue. Ebb will leave permanently once he starts moving for the door, so follow these instructions perfectly or save after every exit.


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  • Strength limitations, a vestige of the original D&D rules, can be circumvented by specialization as a fighter. See Strength for more information.
  • High-strength characters always do maximum damage (bug).
  • Characters can bash open containers; high strength makes this much easier than picking locks. Qwinn's Fixpack made the prybar more useful while making locks harder to break open.
  • From levels 1-9, characters receive a random increase of 1-10 HP to their max health upon leveling up. Upon reaching level 10 (and for every level after that), the HP increase granted is a set amount. For this reason, it is advisable to save the game before leveling up so the game can be reloaded if the maximum HP bonus was not gained.
Note: Qwinn's Fixpack removed all level-up bonuses from classes other than the highest, from the constitution bonus and even the 1 HP bonus. He says that Chris Avellone agrees that HP did not work as intended.[1]
  • One of the possible rewards of the Ancient Scroll is a bonus to any attribute; the Ancient Scroll can be used infinitely from within Dak'kon's inventory.

Bonus class Edit

  • Once the Nameless One has trained as a mage, he can train as a multi-class fighter/mage, just as Dak'kon is, or thief/mage, similar to how Annah is a fighter/thief. As a fighter or thief, select Dak'kon, Fall-from-Grace, or Ignus, then right click on the map and then select spells, (or use the spell hot key?). Use the button to the left of the selection portraits to select the entire party, and then right click spells again.


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  • TNO can sign away the rights to his corpse three times to the Dustmen.


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