"This strange item was in your possession after you gave the Modron Cube to the iron golem in the Siege Tower. It looks to be a small dagger, but its surface twists and bends as you watch, as if struggling to break free from its shape.
It looks to be made of iron, silver, and any of a number of different metals. Sometimes they blend together, other times, they submerge into the core of the blade, only to resurface again minutes later."

Stats Edit

The Entropic Blade is an unusual item, as the wielder can decide what type of weapon it will become. The Entropic Blade's type can only be changed once, and The Nameless One needs a proficiency point in that weapon type in order to alter it.

Type Dmg Dmg Type Enchant THAC0 Proficiency Usable by Speed Weight
Axe 3-23 Slashing +2 +3 Axes Fighters only 1 1
Club 3-23 Crushing +2 +3 Clubs Fighters only 1 1
Dagger 3-23 Piercing +2 +3 Daggers Everyone but Priests 1 1
Fist 3-23 Crushing +2 +3 Fists Fighters & Thieves 1 1
Hammer 3-23 Crushing +2 +3 Hammers Fighters only 1 1

Acquisition Edit

The Entropic Blade can be acquired from Coaxmetal in exchange for the Modron Cube he needs to free himself. Doing this is very Evil and Chaotic, so Lawful Good characters might want to hold out for the better Celestial Fire weapon.

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