Enoll Eva's Duplication is a 5th Level Mage Spell that makes all the recipient's physical or magical attacks deal twice the amount of damage.

"This 'spell' is actually a complex mathematical equation accidentally discovered by the modron, Enoll Eva, while calculating the multiplication factor on various linear algebraic formulas. The results are devastating: This equation allows all subsequent actions to be doubled or duplicated. Hence it was found that during confrontations, all physical or magical attacks were seemingly doubled - dealing twice the amount of damage."

Effects Edit

This spell affects a single target. No Saving Throw required. When cast, all subsequent attacks (physical or magical) will be duplicated once: For example, after attacking once with a weapon, the attack will be immediately duplicated - same for spells (cast a Magic Missile, and immediately afterwards, another Magic Missile spell will launch). This spell will last for approximately 2 minutes after casting.

Acquisition Edit

This spell can be learnt from:

Trivia Edit

There is an unused Scroll of Enoll Eva's Duplication in the game files. Enoll Eva is Avellone backwards, after lead developer Chris Avellone.

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