Emoric is a Factorum of the Dustmen and Initiate of the Fourth Circle in the Hive's Gathering Dust Bar. Flanked at all times by two zombie bodyguards, he offers Dead Contracts and recruits new members to the faction. He also has been searching for Pharod, since the amount of corpses he sends to the Mortuary outnumber that of any other collectors, making the Dustmen suspicious.

Quests Edit

Signing a Dead Contract Edit

The Nameless One can sign a dead contract with Emoric for 250 XP. If TNO has already signed a Dead contract with either Mortai or Old Coppereyes, signing a second or third contract will increase his chaos value. It is recommended to sign with Mortai first, since his price can be raised, and there is a vision to be seen, for more experience.

Joining the Dustmen Edit

Main article: Dustmen#Joining the Faction

Emoric is the recruiter for the Dustmen faction. TNO can ask to join by saying he doesn't *want* to join, but simply believes what the Dustmen believe. He has a few tasks that require completion before TNO can be admitted to the faction:

  • Finding the thief masquerading as a dustman for Norochj.
  • Stopping Awaiting-Death from killing himself.
  • Finding out why Sere has become skeptical of the Dustman philosophy.
  • Finding out where Soego has gone and what he is doing on his self-imposed missionary service for the faction. (Grants 2500 XP.)

Joining the Dustmen grants TNO 2500 XP (if this is the first faction he's joined, 1000 XP if not), access to the Dustmen Vault store, and the Dead Truce, which gives a +4 AC bonus vs. Undead.

Note: Joining a faction isn't necessarily permanent, TNO can always subsequently change factions, if he renounces the old one. There is therefore no downside to joining.

Tracking Down Pharod Edit

The Dustmen are suspicious of Pharod's activities. He's been bringing too many corpses to the Mortuary of late and wish to understand what his source is. It is only possible to ask him details about the bodies (which are surprisingly old) with at least 13 intelligence. Offering to help Emoric in his task will start the quest.

Note: If TNO has vowed to Pharod not to say anything about where he is finding the bodies, and TNO still completes this quest by telling Emoric, his chaotic value will be increased for breaking the vow.

  • 2500 XP
  • 300 coppers

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Lying and saying TNO believes in the Dustmen philosophy.
  • Lawful: Telling him truthfully that TNO doesn't entirely agree with the philosophy.
  • Chaotic: Signing more than one Dead Contract.
  • Lawful: Telling Emoric TNO is immortal (Results in renouncing membership in the Dustmen faction)
  • Chaotic: Telling him the truth about Pharod after Vowing not to.
  • Lawful: Telling him truth about Pharod without having previously vowed to Pharod he wouldn't.
  • Chaotic: Lying about Pharod.
  • Chaotic: Lying while taking the oaths to join the Dustmen faction.

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