"When its powers are awakened and its name known, "Edge of Oblivion" becomes entirely black... where once just the edges were ebony, now the blackness has spread across the entire blade. The chill the blade radiates has increased ten-fold, so much so that it is painful to hold it for too long.
"Edge of Oblivion" does disintegration damage every time it strikes an opponent... for every wound it causes, it also disintegrates the flesh around the target area, simultaneously cauterizing the wound as it strikes.
There is some speculation that a Sphere of Annihilation has somehow been encaged within the axe itself, but again this is only speculation. Given that the planes are infinite, anything is possible."

Stats Edit

Equippable only by fighters provided they are not of Good alignment, this axe's properties are:

  • Damage: 2-9 Slashing
  • Enchanted: +2
  • Special:
    • 1-6 Cold Damage to target
    • +50% Resistance to Cold
    • +25% Resistance to Magical Cold
  • THAC0: +1
  • Speed: 8
  • Weight: 10

Acquisition Edit

The Edge of Oblivion can only be found at:

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