Ecco is one of the many students of Fall-from-Grace working in the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts.

Quest involvementEdit

Ecco has information about many things, including Ravel Puzzlewell. Unfortunately, she cannot answer any of the Nameless One's questions because she is mute. If helped with a personal matter, Dolora will reveal to the Nameless One that the reason Ecco cannot speak is that her voice was stolen.

Helping Ecco regain her voice is a simple matter. After having been purchased from Vrischika's Curiosity Shoppe, Ecco should be given the Fiend's Tongue followed by Deva's Tears (30000 XP). Able to speak normally once more, Ecco will gratefully answer any questions the Nameless One has.

It is worth noting that the Nameless One can ask Ecco for help paying for the Deva's Tears. She will give him a promissory note for 1,000 copper commons – the exact cost of the item. This allows the Tears to be purchased with no real cost to the player.

Helping Ecco recover her voice is important, as she has valuable information about Kesai-Serris that involves how to access the portal leading to Ravel.


  • Lawful, Good: vowing to help her regain her voice.
  • Evil: only agreeing to help her in return for a reward.
  • Good: completely returning Ecco's voice to her without ever bringing up the cost of the Deva's Tears.
  • Good: telling Ecco to forget about giving a reward, and simply being glad to help.

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