"A note written on a scrap of dry parchment:
"Contact the necromancer responsible for Raising contractual worker 42. I know he's examined the skeleton before, but I am certain the initial Raising of the body was warped. The worker still responds to commands, but when it has completed a task, it resumes pacing in the same circular pattern as it did before.
"Dhall recently informed me that worker 42 exhibited that same walking pattern when it was a zombie decades ago. There may be a soul echo in the marrow or the skeleton's age may have caused the magic animating him to decay. One of the Initiates suggested it may be following an order issued by a higher-ranking Dustman in the past, but I have found no records of such an order.
"Whatever the reason for its behavior, the matter is to be resolved or the worker replaced."

The Dustman Request is a miscellaneous item in Planescape: Torment.

Uses Edit

No uses.

Acquisition Edit

It can be found in the Mortuary.

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