Dolora is one of the many students of Fall-from-Grace working in the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts.

She can be found wandering the innermost circle of the brothel. Strangely, there are three modrons nearby observing her; if they are questioned they will reveal they do not know why they were told to do so – they are simply following orders.

Quest InvolvementEdit

Dolora has important information on Ecco, but she will not answer any questions until the keys to her heart have been returned to her. The Nameless One must retrieve them from Merriman, a sensate in the Civic Festhall.

Merriman will only surrender the keys in return for something that will erase his memories. He suggests the possibility that something from the river Styx might be able to help.

It just so happens that in the Art and Curio Galleria there is a sculpture made of ice from the river Styx – the "Dark Birds of Ocanthus." Something special will be needed to hold the ice shards. There are two options:

Return to Merriman after taking some ice from the sculpture. Exchange the ice-filled mug for Dolora's keys (12,000 XP).

There are two other ways to get the keys from Merriman: they can be pickpocketed from him or taken from his corpse. Note that killing him will cause the ire of the Harmonium guards outside.

The keys can now be returned to Dolora (30,000 XP).


The Nameless One can play games or debate topics with Dolora. In order to win, an intelligence of 18 or higher is required. (5,000 XP for winning either, for a combined total of 10,000 XP; 3,000 XP for losing either, for a combined total of 6,000 XP.)

Regardless of whether Dolora is beaten, two memories can be recalled – one while playing a game, the other while debating.


  • Good: agreeing to find Merriman on Dolora's behalf.
  • Evil: only agreeing to find Merriman for Dolora if given a reward.

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