Dimtree is an undead man in the Coffin Maker building, in the Lower Ward.

The Stories-Bones-Tell ability is required to speak to him.

Quest involvementEdit

Raised from the dead by Sebastion, Dimtree exists for the sole purpose of keeping Hamrys from bothering everyone else with his incessant chatter. Unfortunately, Dimtree is very sad from having to listen to Hamrys all the time.

The Nameless One can offer to simply end Dimtree's life, but Dimtree wishes for his master Sebastion to be spoken to first.

After receiving Sebastion's help, Dimtree can be killed (4,000 XP).

Ending Dimtree's suffering unlocks the Tattoo of Death-in-Life, which can then be purchased from Fell's Tattoo Parlor.


  • Good: ending Dimtree's suffering.

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