"This weapon has a black metal handle that seems to have grown into the narrow skull that is affixed to its top. The metal looks as if it has grown out from the skull, and spikes pierce through the eye sockets, jaw and from the skull cap itself.
The "metal" is not metal at all, but the remnants of a creature's forearm that punched through the base of the fiendish skull that now bedecks the head of this weapon. The spikes that have pierced through the skull actually appear to be some sort of quills from the creature's forearm.
When this weapon is used in combat and the spikes of the club penetrate a creature's skin, acid oozes from the quills into the target, doing additional damage. This acid also burns the hands of the user, doing some damage to the wielder every time he strikes someone else.
The common name of this weapon is "Devil's Due". To who or what event it refers to is unknown, but it was obviously a painful experience for the two parties involved."

Stats Edit

Equippable only by Fighters with Clubs proficiency and Dustmen, this mace's properties are:

  • Damage: 3-8 Crushing
  • Enchanted: +1
  • Special:
    • 1-6 Acid Damage to target
    • 1-6 Acid Damage to self
    • +2 to Armor Class vs. Piercing
  • THAC0: +2
  • Speed: 4
  • Weight: 4

Acquisition Edit

This mace was removed from the game prior to release. It is therefore impossible to acquire it in-game.

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