Below is a list of developers involved in the creation of Planescape: Torment.

Programmers Edit

Lead programmer
  • Yuki Furumi
  • Jim Gardner
  • Rob Holloway
Additional programming
  • Darren Monahan

Scripters Edit

  • Jacob Devore
  • Adam Heine
  • Nick Kesting
  • Scott Warner

Artists Edit

Lead artist
Additional art
  • Aaron Brown
  • Sam Fung
  • James Lim
  • Gary Platner
  • Eddie Rainwater

Designers Edit

Lead designer
Technical designers
  • Scott Everts
  • David Hendee
  • Jason G. Suinn
Additional design
  • Reginald J. Arnedo
  • Kihan Pak

Producers Edit

Production Division Director
Line producer
  • Kenneth Lee

Quality Assurance Edit

Director of Quality Assurance
  • Jeremy S. Barnes
Assistant Directors of QA
  • Greg Baumeister
  • Michael Motoda
QA Project Supervisors
  • Damien Evans
  • Darrell Jones
  • David L. Simon
Senior Testers
  • Eric Fong
  • Robert Giampa
  • Scot Humphreys
  • Edward Hyland
  • Danny Martinez
  • Donnie Cornwell
  • Greg Didieu
  • Kristopher Giampa
  • Matthew Golembiewski
  • Savina Greene
  • Billy Iturzaeta
  • Henry C. Lee
  • Rafael López
  • Asher Luisi
  • John Palmero
  • Tony Piccoli
  • Lawrence Smith
  • Gary Tesdall
Compatibility Manager
  • Darrell Jones
Compatibility Technicians
  • Derek Gibbs
  • Jack Parker
  • David Parkyn
  • Joshua Walters

Audio Edit

Sound Edit

Audio director
Sound supervisors
  • Charles Deenen
  • Craig Duman
Sound design
  • Charles Deenen
  • David Farmer
  • Ann Scibelli
Additional sound design
  • Harry Cohen
  • Elisabeth Flaum
  • Rebecca L. Hanck
  • Shannon Mills
  • Al Nelson
Sound editing, mastering and scripting
  • Craig Duman
Sound mastering and scripting assistance
  • Frank Szick
Audio administration
  • Gloria Soto
Re‑Recording Mixer
  • Charles Deenen

Music Edit

Additional music

Voice Acting Edit

VO Editors
  • Chris Borders
  • Stephen Miller
  • Frank Szick
VO Director
  • Jamie Thomason
VO Supervision
  • Chris Borders
VO Producer
  • Fred Hatch
VO Coordinator
  • David Hendee
Voice casting
  • Barbara Harris
Voice actors
Walla cast (additional voices)
  • Steve Alterman
  • Judi Durand
  • Greg Finley
  • Anneliese Goldman
  • Gary Schwartz
  • Vernon Scott
Voices Recorded at
  • Screenmusic Studios
Voice Recording Engineer
  • Paul Andris
Assistant Recording Engineer
  • Lisa Carlon
  • Eric Lewis
Voices mixed in Dolby Sourround at
Mixed at Interplay in
  • Dolby Surround

Video Edit

Movie Technology
  • Paul Allen Edelstein
Video Services
  • David Cravens
  • Bill Stoudt
  • Dan L. Williams

Marketing & PR Edit

Senior Marketing Manager
  • Greg Peterson
Associate Marketing Manager
  • Greg Bauman
PR Manager
  • Lisa Bucek-Jensen
Associate PR Manager
  • Krys Card
Web Master
  • Joshua Eric Sawyer
Manager Creative Services
  • Kathy Helgason
Production Manager
  • Tom Donner
Traffic Manager
  • Paul Naftalis
Localisation Advice for the German version
  • Alexander Koenig, Peter Verdi
  • Matthew J. Norton
Manual Design & Layout
  • Michael L. Quintos
  • A Creative Experience - London
German Manual Layout
  • A Pageart ‑ London

Virgin Interactive Germany Edit

Product Manager
  • Thilo W. Hübner
Marketing Manager
  • Nathali Schrader
Public Relations Manager
  • Ingo Horn

Interplay UK Edit

Head of Marketing
  • J. P. Sanchez
Senior Product Manager
  • Harvey Lee
Senior UK Producer
  • Diarmid Clarke
UK Producer
  • Nana Penemo
QA Manager
  • Philip McDonnell
UK Testers
  • Drew Waldegrave
  • Philip Matthews
  • Tim Wileman
  • Roy Gay
  • Steven Frazer
Manual Design & Layout
  • A Creative Experience (London)

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