"This is a small glass phial labeled as 'Deva's Tears.' They were collected from a deva who was captured during a Blood War skirmish. The fiends tormented the imprisoned angel for eons before he at last escaped – this small bottle holds the twelve tears he shed in that time. Deva's tears are said to soothe the most savage anger... even that of a fiend's tongue."

Deva's Tears is a quest item in Planescape: Torment.


The tears are needed to remove the unwanted effects of the Fiend's Tongue after it has been given to Ecco to help her regain her voice.


Deva's Tears can be purchased from Vrischika in her shop in the Clerk's Ward. If they are purchased before they are needed to help Ecco, they cost only 100 coppers. If they are purchased after Ecco needs them, they cost 1,000. If Ecco is told about the steep cost of the item, she will provide the Nameless One with a promissory note that covers the cost, allowing the item to be purchased with no loss to the Nameless One.

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