A Damsel in Distress runs around the Smoldering Corpse Area with her torn dress covered in blood, pleading for someone to help her dying sister in the nearby alley.

Quest Edit

The Damsel in Distress pleads with The Nameless One and his party to help her dying sister. This is quickly revealed to be a trap for the unwary passer by, to steal what little wealth they have.

TNO can solve this problem in several ways:

  • Follow her into the alley nearby, and kill the would be muggers for 65XP each (total 195XP)
  • With at least 14 Intelligence, TNO can point out inconsistencies in her story, and note the blood on her dress is dried. This line rewards 500XP, but increases either TNO's Evil or Chaotic value.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil: Threatening to kill her if she doesn't give up the act.
  • Chaotic: Bluffing that TNO will kill her if she doesn't give up the act.
  • Evil: Giving her advice on picking a good mark (? verification needed)

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