Crumplepunch the Blacksmith is a weapons shop in the Outer Curst Blacksmith.

Store Characteristics Edit

See Store (PS:T) for more information on markups and steal failure.

This store allows the buying, selling and identifying of items. The Nameless One can also attempt stealing.

Crumplepunch will change his prices depending on the outcome of his Legacy quest. If neither Crumplepunch nor Kester are allowed to get the money, The Nameless One won't be able to buy from this store.

The identify price and steal failure rate remain unchanged whatever the outcome:

Before the Legacy Quest Edit

  • Sell Markup: 120%
  • Buy Markup: 80%

Legacy Quest Resolution 1 Edit

If the Legacy Quest is resolved in favor of Crumplepunch, or if the money was split between him and Kester:

  • Sell Markup: 115%
  • Buy Markup: 85%

Legacy Quest Resolution 2 Edit

If the Legacy quest was settled in favor of Kester:

  • Sell Markup: 130%
  • Buy Markup: 70%

Items for Sale Edit

Item Type Stock
Assassin's Knuckles Fists 1
Battle Axe Axe 5
Blind Terror Club 1
Bolts of Whistling Doom (10 pack) Bolts 2
Enchanted Hammer Hammer 2
Fiend Femur Club 1
"Foolsmiter" Hammer 1
Hammer of Quality Hammer 3
Jagged Bolts (10 pack) Bolts Unlimited
Knife Dagger Unlimited
Magic Punch Daggers Fists 2
Notched Dagger Dagger 2
Phantom Dagger Dagger 2
Siphon Knuckles Fists 2
Zephyr Bolts (10 pack) Bolts 3

Items wiling to Buy Edit

Crumplepunch is willing to buy the following items:

  • Armor (Cloaks, Robes, Headgear, Shields)
  • Accessories (Amulets, Necklaces, Belts)
  • Weapons (Axes, Bows, Clubs, Crossbows, Daggers, Flails, Halberds, Hammers, Fist weapons, Long swords, Morning stars, Quarterstaff, Short swords, Slings, Spears)
  • Projectiles (Arrows, Bolts, Bullets, Darts)

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