"This corpse fly looks like it was frozen; it appears to be dead, but you can't be sure. The magic contained within the charm is activated when the insect is consumed. When swallowed, the recipient suddenly becomes extremely nauseous... a few seconds later, the charmed individual expels a stream of insects from their nose and mouth. Provided the charmed individual can keep their wits about them after the casting, the caster can send this cloud to attack a target."

Effects Edit

Usable by any party member, this charm casts the Swarm Curse spell, which sends a swarm of insects to attack those in the area of effect. They inflict 1-4+ damage every 5 seconds. No one can cast a spell while within the swarm.

Acquisition Edit

Merchants Edit

Merchants that sell Corpse Fly Charms are:

Other Locations Edit

Clot Charms can also be found in various locations, usually in containers.

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