"This violet-black mass is formed in a symmetrical pattern of overlapping rectangles. The shape seems to be alive or at least animated. Toughing it sparks an unbidden, somehow clinical rage. The longer you touch it, the more closely it adheres to your skin. For a price of irrational hatred you procure one thing - a second chance."

Contingent Subroutine is a cypher usable in or out of Crises.


When used during a crisis, this item consumed an action. It can be used only once before it is destroyed.

  • Confers the Contingent Subroutine fettle (The next time this character is reduced to 50% or less in Health or any Stat Pool, automatically refill Health and all Stat Pools).


Contingent Subroutines can be found:

  • Information needed.

This item can also be bought from:

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