Coaxmetal is an immense metal golem working a forge beneath the siege tower the Lower Ward. It can be accessed through a portal after the player learns the portal's key from Lazlo, a boy in the Lower Ward marketplace. Coaxmetal is willing to sell weapons to the Nameless One. See Siege Tower for more information.


If asked, Coaxmetal will create the Blade of the Immortal for the Nameless One (10,000 XP).

At some point, Coaxmetal will ask the Nameless One to help it escape the siege tower by giving it the metallic cube. Giving it the cube nets 12,000 XP as well as the Entropic Blade. Refusing to give Coaxmetal the metallic cube still grants 12,000 XP.

Coaxmetal can provide the iron birdcage, which is one of the items required to create the Dreambuilder.


  • Good, Lawful: refusing to give Coaxmetal the metallic cube.
  • Good: telling Coaxmetal that its methods are never necessary.
  • Evil, Chaotic: giving Coaxmetal the metallic cube.
  • Evil: refusing to give Coaxmetal the metallic cube because it is "too precious."
  • Lawful: choosing "Truth: 'Except the death you seem to offer is violent and senseless – without meaning.'"
  • Chaotic: choosing "Truth: 'True enough. So what made you take up entropy's cause?'"

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