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Circus Minor is an area in Sagus Cliffs. It is thought of as the center of the city, where people of all walks of life meet to talk and trade. It is also home of the public execution grounds.

Quests Edit

Merchants Edit

Experience Edit

  • 2XP for noticing the small green twig attached to the Levy guarding the southern entrance to the execution ground's helm and asking him about it (Requires Perception skill).
  • 2XP for attempting to stop Death-of-Ris from doing its work.
  • 2XP for successfully remembering something about the machine in the western corner, near The Genocide (Requires intellect - Anamnesis skill check)
  • 2XP for recalling why Zaofi's sculpture looks so familiar (Requires intellect - Anamnesis skill check)
  • 2XP for asking Jherem about the market, then the Scarrohall.\
  • 2XP for asking Jherem what 'mard' and 'siro' mean after asking about his parents.
  • 2XP for getting Jherem to speak about where he is from and why he keeps using deprecated words.
  • 2XP for getting Paja and Kellenor to speak about Jherem's past.
  • 2XP for asking Paja and Kellenor about the House of Empty Time.
  • 2XP for asking El-Jinto about a complicated device. (Might require Perception or Scan Thoughts, to be verified.)
  • 2XP for handing the shard to El-Jinto.
  • 2XP for telling Canadu that it seems El-Jinto does all the work.
  • 3XP for asking El-Jinto about his past after speaking to Canadu, and listening to the whole story.
  • 2 XP for asking The Genocide about the nano who imprisoned him.

Items Edit

Items can be found in this area:

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