"This piece of charcoal is a charred bone fragment of some creature, perhaps a finger bone or a talon. Various symbols have been scratched onto its surface... the scratchings are so faint you almost missed them."

Effects Edit

Useable by any party member, this charm:

  • Adds 55% Resistance to Fire attacks
  • Adds 25% Resistance to Magical Fire attacks

Acquisition Edit

Merchants Edit

Merchants that sell Charcoal Charms are:

Shop Location Stock Markup Steal Failure
Aalek's Oddities Lower Ward Unlimited 120% 45%
Brokah and Miccah's Pawnshop Lower Ward 1 120% 45%
Dustmen Vault Gathering Dust Bar Unlimited 120% --
Kester Inner Curst Unlimited 125% --
Pestle and Kilnn's Apothecary Clerk's Ward 1 120% 70%
Quell's Spells Civic Festhall Unlimited 150% --
Quint the Corpse-Peddler Buried Village 1 120% 25%
Sensate Vault Civic Festhall 2 90% --

Other Locations Edit

Charcoal Charms can also be found in various locations, usually in containers.

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