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Caravanserai is the major airship port in Sagus Cliffs.

Quests Edit

Experience Edit

  • 2 XP for opening the drawer of a nightstand in the inn.
  • 2 XP for noticing Tranquility's voice modulating (requires perception) and asking her about it.
  • 2 XP for asking Tranquility whether she is using her perfume/pheromones to manipulate you.
  • 2 XP for asking what Tarnach Hobbes is staring at.
  • 2 XP for asking to know what Tarnach Hobbes has seen.
  • 2 XP for asking what Tarnach Hobbes thinks he's becoming.
  • 2 XP for answering Sylph's riddle with "Consciousness".
  • 2 XP for remembering where you've seen Sylph before (requires successful Anamnesis check).
  • 3 XP for telling the Silver Orphans about Sylph.

Items Edit

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