The Broken Dome is an area in the Reef of Fallen Worlds where the Last Castoff first lands. It is one of the Changing God's many sanctuaries, and where the resonance chamber is housed.

Experience Edit

  • 3 XP for interacting with the device on the western side of the room. The Last Castoff must ask the device to show them the arch again, then successfully complete the Anemnesis Intellect task, and finally ask the device to release the contents of Cell 0. This also rewards an Unstable Detonation cypher.

Items Edit

  • Crystalline Shard, by examining the shards at the sarcophagus in the middle of the room.
  • Unstable Detonation from the device to the west, as described above in the experience section of the article.

Map Edit

Broken dome map screenshot

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