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Borrowed and Lost is a side quest involving a book that the Changing God apparently borrowed from Falinda, a bookseller, but never returned.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is received after speaking with Falinda in Circus Minor. The creature accuses the Last Castoff of having borrowed a book from it and never returned it. The book in question is described as having a five-colored sigil on its cover.

Walkthrough Edit

In the Buried Crossroads, one of the Changing God's lairs accessed through the Underbelly as part of The Cold, Calculating Jack quest, there is a container in the western corner of the room containing the Tome of Singing Thorns. This is the book that belongs to Falinda. Before returning it to her though, it is advisable to "Use" this item from the inventory and explore it further.

Rewards Edit

For returning the book to it, Falinda rewards:

  • 25 XP
  • One of Falinda's extra books

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