For the area of the same name, see Bones of the Night (Area).

The Bones of the Night is a magical items shop run by Lothar in the Lower Ward.

Store Characteristics Edit

See Store (PS:T) for more information on markups.

This store allows the buying and identifying of items, but not the selling. The Nameless One cannot steal items from Lothar.

Items for Sale Edit

Item Type Stock
Bandages Charm Unlimited
Blood Charm Charm 3
Bone Charm Charm Unlimited
Bone Dagger Dagger Unlimited
Charm of Infinite Recall Charm Unlimited
Clot Charm Charm 3
Corpse Fly Charm Charm Unlimited
Cranium Rat Charm Charm Unlimited
Gauntlets of Teeth Fist 1
Heart Charm Charm 3
Jar of Embalming Fluid Charm Unlimited
Needle and Thread Charm Unlimited
Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds Scroll Unlimited
Scroll of Cure Light Wounds Scroll Unlimited
Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds Scroll Unlimited
Scroll of Cure Serious Wounds Scroll Unlimited
Scroll of Heal Scroll Unlimited
Scroll of Hold Undead Scroll Unlimited
Scroll of Remove Curse (Mage) Scroll Unlimited
Scroll of Speak With Dead Scroll Unlimited

Cures Available Edit

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