Blackrose is one of the few neutral parties in the Alley of Dangerous Angles, neither part of the Darkalley Shiv gang, nor the Razor Angel gang. That said, he is somewhat crazed, and want to destroy both in his quest for neutrality.

Quest Edit

Blackrose wants both leaders of both gangs killed. Refusing to help him prompts him to attack immediately.

He asks the Nameless One which side he is on, good or evil. TNO can choose one, which affects his alignment, or say he thinks extremes are dangerous, which doesn't affect alignment.

If TNO chose the side of good, Blackrose will ask him to kill Rotten William, if he is on the side of evil, he will want TNO to kill Krystall. If TNO remained neutral, he will give a choice of who to go after.

Completing either one of these assassinations grants 1500 XP. (Making sure to speak to the other leader to gain their quest to kill the other will reward a further 1500 XP from the surviving leader.)

Blackrose then asks TNO to kill the other remaining leader.

  • Refusing Blackrose's demand will prompt him to attack, which grants 420 XP, and is rewarded with 1000 copper and 1500 more XP by the remaining leader.
  • Killing the requested leader awards 1500 XP from Blackrose. (If this course of action is taken, TNO doesn't receive the 1000 copper bounty from the remaining leader, since he or she is dead. This is remedied in Qwinn's Fixpack, see #Fix section below)

Then, Blackrose will want to fight TNO:

  • Telling him TNO is immortal gets him to back down and leave, and grants 1500 XP.
  • Killing him grants 420 XP.

(Check if Rotten Williams has the same quests and similar conversation as Krystall, and if he rewards the same as her.)

Alignment Edit

  • Good: Telling Blackrose TNO is on the side of good.
  • Evil: Telling Blackrose TNO is on the side of evil.

Fix Edit

Contrary to the vanilla game, Qwinn's Fixpack assumes that a character who grants a monetary reward for a quest will drop that reward should they die. With the fixpack, Krystall will drop her 1000 copper reward when she is killed, making siding with her not as clear cut a choice as it is in the vanilla game.

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