Barking-Wilder is a member of the Xaositects (the faction of the chaosmen). One can find this raving madman in the Smoldering Corpse Area, in the Hive of Sigil.

The Journal Edit

Asking Barking-Wilder about The Nameless One's journal rewards 1,000 XP. Saying "Uh, not today. I has some questions..." leads nowhere and Barking-Wilder will only utter an ear-piercing scream. Interpreting his speech however ("'Take your hand and fly to the moon?' Not today.") will get him to answer some questions without TNO becoming more chaotic. This might require an intelligence check. To be verified.

Barking-Wilder has a moment of sanity when questioned about the journal, and says there are several, since each incarnation kept one. He reveals that one can be found in a cupboard in TNO's guest room in the hall of the Sensates, and another in the walls of a tomb.

Joining the Xaositects Edit

Growling, snarling and barking at this man will get TNO in his good graces, and improvising a song will delight him. Asking "Join the can I the chaosmen?" will prompt him to respond with a slap. And it's official, TNO will now be a member.

If the Nameless One has not already joined another faction, joining the Zaositects grants 1,000 XP (verify). The Nameless One can ask to join again immediately after, and Barking-Wilder will point out he is already a member. Responding "Exactly." will net 2,000 XP.

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Pretty much any conversation option with Barking-Wilder increases Chaos.
  • Chaotic: Joining the Xaositects.

After speaking to Barking-Wilder and joining the faction, TNO will be chaotic, and it will be hard to return to the neutral state, and impossible to become Lawful again.

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