Ball Lightning is a 3rd Level Mage Spell that sends spheres of lightning to strike the nearest enemies.

"Spheres of electrical force shoot forth and strike your nearest foes."

Effects Edit

Caster can create up to 4 glowing spheres of lightning when the spell is cast. They are roughly 3 ft. in diameter. The damage varies depending on the number of balls created:

# of Balls Damage
4 2-8 each
3 2-12 each
2 5-20 each
1 4-48

Acquisition Edit

This spell can be learnt from a Scroll of Ball Lightning, which can be found:

Or bought from:

Shop Location Stock Markup
Cinder's Magic Shoppe Lower Ward 1 120%
Lady Thorncombe Civic Festhall Unlimited 140%
Quell's Spells Civic Festhall 1 150%

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