"A totally redesigned version of ordinary iron knuckles, these knuckles have long razor sharp blades attached to them.
In addition, powerful spells have been placed on this weapon to better assist any would be assassin. When used correctly this weapon will stun an opponent making him easier to hit. A spell of silence is also placed on the victim to prevent him from crying out for help or in the case of mages from casting spells. To finish the job, the blades are coated with an exotic poison to ensure a quick death."

Stats Edit

Usable only by Thieves with Fists proficiency, these Assassin's Knuckles' properties are:

  • Damage: 1-10 Piercing
  • Enchanted: +3
  • Special:
    • Causes Stunning
    • Silence
    • Poison
  • THAC0: +3
  • Speed: 1
  • Weight: 1

Acquisition Edit

This fist weapon is available for purchase at the following store:

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