"These ashes are all that remains of a school of illusionists called the Pabulum. According to their expedition logs, they traveled to the Plain of Shale in search of the lost works of the Fosterer, a powerful sorcerer who once ruled an empire where the Plain of Shale now lies.
The naive illusionists were successful, and they stumbled across one of his lost works: a hive of vicious creatures called the Trelons. The remains of the mages were found days later by two bariaur scouts and were burned over a pyre as a symbol of their folly.
To unlock the power of these ashes, one only needs to stir them with the index finger of the left hand, then sprinkle a pinch of the ashes into the air in a circular pattern. The smell of the remains of these dead mages is said to cause a Trelon to appear to serve the user.
No one knows where the Trelons originated from, but they seem to combine the worst characteristics of demons and insects. They seem to bear an insane hatred for mages, but the reason for this is unknown."

Effects Edit

Usable only by the Nameless One provided he is not a mage, this item:

Acquisition Edit

Ashes of the Pabulum can be bought from the following shop:

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