Ash-Mantle is a thief disguised as a Dustman, the very one Norochj is looking for.

Quest Edit

To get the most experience out of Ash-Mantle, it is recommended to talk to him about the bar, than say goodbye (even if TNO has the quest from Norochj) to observe him in the act of pickpocketing. Then talk to him again to expose him and complete the quest.

Being pickpocketed Edit

Ash-Mantle will attempt to pickpocket TNO after saying goodbye to him. TNO can catch him in the act if:

  • TNO has at 13+ wisdom
  • TNO has 10+ Pick Pockets skill
  • TNO was warned by Norochj about a thief in dustmen robes
  • TNO has caught Ash-Mantle when he used the word "sect" to refer to the faction.

TNO can then either catch his hand, with 13+ dexterity, or watch him work. The rewards for watching him work depends on TNO's stats:

  • 12 or less Wisdom but 13+ Intelligence: 750 XP and +1 Pick Pockets skill
  • 13 to 15 Wisdom: 1000 XP and +3 Pick Pockets
  • 16+ Wisdom: 1250 XP and +5 Pick Pockets.

And TNO can still grab his hand after watching him.

The Dustman thief Edit

TNO can ask Emoric in the Gathering Dust Bar to join the dustman faction. He sends him to Norochj who is worried about the reputation of the faction, and asks TNO to root out a thief masquerading as a dustman.

That thief is Ash-Mantle, and TNO can casually tell him that there is a thief in dustman robes around. This will make him panic and attempt to run. With 13 dexterity, TNO can catch and question him before deciding his fate. He can either be killed, let go, or sternly warned.

Norochj rewards 750 XP for news of the thief's fate, and it gets TNO one step closer to joining the faction.

Alignment Edit

Answering where the Gathering Dust Bar is located:

  • Good: Telling him where the dustman bar is.
  • Evil: Telling him where the bar is in exchange for money.
  • Evil, Chaotic: Lying to him concerning the bar and asking for money in exchange.
  • Evil, Chaotic: Lying to him saying TNO doesn't know where the bar is if he has already visited it.

After grabbing him when he attempts to run:

  • Lawful: Vowing to let him go after he answers some questions (and keeping the vow - only allow 1 question to be asked, otherwise TNO becomes more chaotic)
  • Evil: Lying that TNO will let him go.
  • Evil: Emphasizing that TNO will let him *live* (Truth)
  • Chaotic: Emphasizing that TNO will let him *live* (Bluff)
  • Chaotic: Asking him more than one question after vowing to let him go.

Deciding his fate:

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