Arms Merchant runs a weapons shop in Circus Minor.

Sells Edit

The merchant sells the following:

Icon Item Damage/Effects Type Range Stat Pool Value Quantity
Battleaxe icon Battleaxe 7 Physical Medium Melee Might 38 1
Broadsword icon Broadsword 3 Physical Medium Melee Speed 16 3
Concussive truncheon icon Concussive Truncheon 4 Physical
Stunned fettle
Light Melee Speed 284 1
Crossbow icon Crossbow 5 Physical Medium Ranged Speed 35 2
Dagger icon tton Dagger 2 Physical Light Melee Speed 6 2
Greatsword icon Greatsword 8 Physical Heavy Melee Might 22 2
Mace icon tton Mace 4 Physical Medium Melee Might 15 2
Rapier icon Rapier 3 Physical Light Melee Speed 18 1
Shield icon Shield +10% Evasion Offhand -- -- 15 3
Verred icon Verred 5 Physical Medium Melee Speed 35 1

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