Arlo is a short, balding and abrasive man who runs the Northwestern Area's flophouse.

Quest Edit

Main article: Nestor

When asked for a bed to rest in, he mentions Nestor, who apparently sleeps there for free. When pressed on this point, Arlo says that Nestor is crazy, and almost bif off his nose when he tried to make him pay up. The Nameless One can then offer to help Arlo deal with Nestor.

After TNO deals with Nestor, he can return to Arlo for a reward:

  • 500 XP (or only 250 XP) if TNO killed Nestor.
  • Resting for free in the flophouse.

Alignment Edit

  • Good: Offering to help Arlo.
  • Evil: Offering to help... for a price.

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