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Annah, like all the other party members, can have interesting conversations about various topics with the Nameless One.

There is experience and alignment adjustments to be gained through these conversations, and some conversation options lead to a change in her morale.

This article is a guide to conversations with Annah.

Initiating conversation Edit

To speak with Annah when she is in the party, right click on the ground to bring up the radial menu, select the dialogue cursor and click on Annah.

On Pharod Edit

TNO can ask Annah for more information about Pharod. She doesn't know much more than the average collector, even though she's his daughter. She has no idea why Pharod wanted the Bronze Sphere so badly, and TNO can offer en explanation, relating to her the story about him, told by Reekwind.

  • 2500 XP.

The ring Edit

When asked what she found on TNO's body when she found it, she reveals that the only thing of value that she kept was a ring. Asking her to give it back grants a Ring of the Traveler.

Pharod's treasure Edit

TNO can ask Annah where Pharod went to retrieve the items that she gave him as tribute after finding his body. She asks if TNO is planning on robbing him. She doesn't seem to care too much about the idea of TNO stealing from her father, and even helps think up where his stash might be. She reveals that Pharod's leg isn't lame, it's only a show he puts on, leading her and TNO to suppose it might be a key to a portal he uses to get to and from his treasure room.

  • Lawful: Telling her truthfully that TNO has no cause to do such a thing.
  • Chaotic: Lying that TNO has no cause to do such a thing.

Father and daughter Edit

After asking Annah about Pharod, TNO can remark that they don't look very much alike. She is suspicious of this statement, asking what he means by that. TNO can either complement or insult her (presumably affecting her morale - verify)


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