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"Girar, the handsome young Aeon Priest, whirled around, holding his quarterstaff before him. The mob of disgusting, slobbering, diseased, ignorant mutants and baby-stealing visitants closed like a dripping fist around him and the innocent children he has sworn to protect.

"For Midgard and the future of humanity!" shouted Angure, champion of humans everywhere and the last hope of kindness and decency in the Ninth World. She charged into the clustered hordes of monsters, slashing left and right. The creatures felt no pain for they had no souls.

"I love you." Girar cried. "Do you hear me, damn you? I love you Argule."

"I am sorry, noble priest." Argule said, beheading a gibbering freak "My heart belongs to my eternal mission."

"Your mission to secure humanity from the inhuman horrors of the past?"

"Thats right." Angule said. "Now flee, and take those innocent children with you! I will defend you and the future you represent to the last!"

(The rest of the page is blotted with a previous readers tearstains, and completely unreadable)"

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