Anamoli is a middle-aged collector in the Trash Warrens.

Conversation Edit

Anamoli immediately confronts the Nameless One and his party as they enter the Trash Warrens. He states that he doesn't know them.

With 12+ charisma, TNO can say that he doesn't believe they've met either.

It soon becomes clear that Anamoli is looking for a fight. It can be difficult to talk him out of it, but it is possible:

  • With 14+ Strength, TNO can threaten him to let him pass.
  • With 13+ Wisdom, TNO can intimidate them, that killing people in order to sell their bodies is a good way to meet the Lady of Pain.

Otherwise, he can be killed for 15 XP, his three thugs for 85 XP each, and three or four other collectors for 25 XP a piece.

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