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"Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others." - D&D 3rd edition[1]

Below is a detailed guide of what The Nameless One can say and do in order to become Good.

General GuidelinesEdit

In order to become Good, The Nameless One should:

  • Be helpful to others
  • Never ask for a reward in return for doing a task
  • Never kill innocents
  • Never threaten anyone

Telling the truth and lying don't generally affect Goodness, as they influence Law and Chaos instead.

Note: The values for alignment are hidden in Planescape: Torment. Qwinn's Tweak Pack has a component called the Scale of Souls, which, if installed, allows the player to view alignment values. The Nameless One starts the game with a "Good" and "Lawful" rating of 0, signifying neutrality. Evil acts subtract from the "Good" value, and when the rating reaches -21, the alignment changes to Evil; when it reaches 15, the alignment switches to Good.[2]

Good ActionsEdit

The MortuaryEdit

2nd FloorEdit

3rd FloorEdit

1st FloorEdit

  • Asking Morte if he'd like the body of one of the Giant Skeletons, then worrying about his safety.

The Hive, Mortuary AreaEdit

Gathering Dust BarEdit

  • When Sere asks how old she looks,
    • "Let her down gently".
    • "Lie out of kindness". (Also increases Chaos)

The Hive, Smoldering Corpse AreaEdit

  • Agreeing with Mourns-for-Trees that it is sad the trees are dying.
  • Telling Mourns-for-Trees "Truth: I'll help." when he asks the party to believe in the trees.

Smoldering Corpse BarEdit

  • Lending Mochai 100 coppers for her bar tab.

The Hive, Marketplace AreaEdit

The Hive, Northwestern AreaEdit

  • Telling Fleece TNO can "certainly" help him.
  • Telling Fleece the truth, that TNO doesn't know where his aunt lives.
  • Telling Porphiron that TNO will see if he can get the thugs to return his prayer beads.
  • Offering to help Arlo in the flophouse.

The Hive, Alley of Dangerous AnglesEdit

The Hive, Ragpicker's SquareEdit

  • Offering to help Sharegrave for free.
  • Offering to help Old Mebbeth with her chores after doing her quests. (Also increases law)
  • Thanking Old Mebbeth for everything.
  • Agreeing to find Nodd's sister for free.
  • Lying to Nodd, telling him his sister is a server in a tavern. (Also increases chaos)
  • Offering to buy Morte from Yellow-Fingers
  • Giving Yellow-Fingers money after catching him stealing (Verification needed)

Trash WarrensEdit

There are no good actions to be done in the Trash Warrens.

Buried VillageEdit

  • Offering to buy the items off Marta
  • Telling Radine she doesn't need a number to give her life meaning
  • Simply giving Ku'u Yin his number back, without asking for compensation (also increases lawfulness)

Pharod's Court Edit

  • Saying that TNO is sorry for Pharod's loss, and will try to make it up to him if he can. (Also increases lawfulness)
  • Saying TNO is sorry for Pharod's loss, "for what that's worth."

Weeping Stone CatacombsEdit

Dead Nations Edit

Lower WardEdit

Clerk's WardEdit


Good CharactersEdit


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  2. Qwinn's PS:T Tweak Pack readme, detailing how the Scale of Souls component works, as well as alignment ratings.

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