Alais is a self-reported warrior of great renown that is quite perplexed that no one in Sigil has heard of him. He comes from a prime world, and is utterly Clueless, though he takes offense at the term. He stumbled through a portal while chasing a magic using foe, and found himself in the city of doors, a city he finds pitifully ignorant and distasteful compared to his own.

Quest Edit

After speaking to Candrian and learning about the planes, The Nameless One can help Alais understand a little bit more about the planes, provided he has at least 13 Intelligence. Doing this rewards 250 XP.

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Lying to him, saying the Nameless One has heard of him when he has not.
  • Lawful: Telling the truth, that the Nameless One hasn't heard of him.

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